Advocating Biocentrism Emancipation in the Appraisal of Industry 4.0 Environmental Risks and Opportunities


We welcome research papers on the following subject areas (but not limited to):

  1. The assumption and conception of biospheric harmony
  2. Industry 4.0's technologies contributing to biospheric harmony-based corporate
  3. Organizational culture and biospheric harmony management
  4. Automation-human symbiosis work systems
  5. Impact of Industry 4.0 on energy and resources consumption
  6. Biospheric model of harmony-driven business
  7. Social impact of Industry 4.0 systems and activities
  8. Biospheric harmony maintenance policies/methodologies
  9. Employee empowerment affecting companies' green performance
  10. Augmented reality and safety improvement
  11. Big data and analytics in forecasting biospheric harmony
  12. Biospheric harmony-decision support systems
  13. Peaceful project management and financing in sustaining the biosphere
  14. International politics and fair trade preserving the biosphere in Industry 4.0 era
  15. Biospheric harmony promotion in literature, story-telling, and creative design.

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