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Assessment of Rice Husk Inventory Level Prediction as Briquette Raw Material with Adaptive Neuro-FIS
Erni Krisnaningsih, Yandra Arkeman, Marimin marimin, Erliza Hambali

Last modified: 2021-05-26


The use of renewable energy sources are increasingly used in the current era, Rice Husks are waste from rice milling whose utilization can be optimally utilized as a raw material of energy sources in the form of briquettes made from raw rice husks, Efforts to use renewable energy resources is one of the efforts in supporting the energy mix program in 2025. The purpose of this research is the assessment of predictions of determining the amount of rice husk supplies for the purposes of the process of making Briquettes. The method used is adaptive approach Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System with Takagi-Sugeno Inference system, the Membership function of Three indicators used processed with Mathlab software, The number of data indicators used as much as 120 data with Training data as much as 300 data, GUI is built based on input indicators so that the determination of the amount of rice husk inventory is more accurate. The approach with adaptive ANFIS Method is applied to the assessment of inventory determination of the amount of other bioenergy raw materials that are uncertain.


Assessment, Supplies, Rice Husks, Uncertainty, Adaptive Neuro-FIS