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Work from Home During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Preliminary Findings from Corporate in Greater Jakarta
Sevenpri Candra

Last modified: 2021-06-11


The pandemic virus of Covid-19 has pushed the organization to take working mode change. They are working from home, becoming a new normal working mode during this pandemic of Covid-19.  In Indonesia, especially Greater Jakarta, the Government already announced working from home for most organization businesses. This research will be surveying the impact of working from home during pandemic Covid-19 and its impact on employee emotions and social. Respondents are the employees working in Work from Home mode during this pandemic, and questionnaires are sent through an online survey form. The sampling method is snowball sampling that utilizes each respondent to send to their colleagues that working from home too.  With limitation time, there are 130 respondents from various organization business, and the findings are explained.


Coronavirus; Maslach Burnout Inventory; Telecommute; Telecommuting; Telework

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