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The Role of Multi Channel Learning During Study Abroad in Improving Mandarin Language Ability
Yi Ying, Feny Feronica, Jonathan Jonathan, Go Yetty, Sofi Sofi, Titi Rahardjanti

Last modified: 2021-06-11


Study abroad is the choice of students to improve their foreign language skills. Through study abroad and multi-media learning, students are able to apply foreign language skills to the university and community environment. The research objective is to find out how students study during the study abroad period in Taiwan. Learning through multimedia is the main subject of this study. The study used a descriptive qualitative method through interviews with 17 fourth-grade students in Taiwan. The results of this study are that respondents need time to adjust for 2-4 months by learning to listen, speak and read Mandarin in and outside the classroom. The use of learning media in the classroom really helps them in learning Mandarin. As for learning to write, respondents do not experience through multimedia because the material can be downloaded on the internet. The conclusion of this study is that study abroad can improve foreign language skills with multi channel learning. In addition, the independence of learners to learn and overcome difficulties in learning also plays an important role.


multichannel learning; study abroad; multimedia