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The changing US climate change policy
Moch Faisal Karim, Dayu Nirma Amurwanti, Siti Shara Dwita

Last modified: 2021-06-11


This paper examines the United States' foreign policy towards climate change in the period of 2009-2017. During this period, the United States actively participated and supported the climate change negotiations, including making and signing the Paris Agreement. Previously, the United States rejected the Kyoto Protocol and negotiations. The author uses qualitative research methods by analyzing official documents, journals and books. The result of this research is that many international actors have pressed and supported the United States in participating in climate change. President Barack Obama has the most significant foreign policy role on climate change issues at the domestic level. However, the United States is not fully supported domestically, particularly in Congress and Senate Republicans and industry groups.


climate change policy; UNFCCC; United States; Paris Agreement;