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Water Fulfilment Analysis in Jatiluhur Regency Industrial Estates using NRECA and HBV Models
Christian Cahyono

Last modified: 2021-06-07


Water is a very important resource for living things. Due to the influence of climate and season, the amount of water fluctuates in which in the rainy season the amount of water is abundant while in the dry season the amount of water is small. Because of this fluctuation, there is needs of analysis of water demand fulfilment. This problem happens in Jatiluhur Regency Industrial Estate. Bases of analysis result shows that NRECA model used to model the downstream part of Citarum River shows better result than using HBV model. It shows on the Objective function of Correlation Coefficient, Nash Sutcliffe, and Relative Volume Error of NRECA is (0.777, 0.578, 0.216) compared to HBV (0.267, -2.913, 1.023). Using the flow generated from NRECA model, water demand analysis were carried out and resulted that by creating Ground tank and keep the water loss at 10 %, Q80% of generated flow are able to meets the water demand plan for Jatiluhur Regency Industrial Estate


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