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Oil Palm Farmer’s Income Simulator
M Prasanto Bimantio, Amallia Ferhat, Lutfi Isnaini, Dian Pratama Putra, Teddy Suparyanto, Bens Pardamean

Last modified: 2021-06-14


The purpose of this research is to create a simulator application in calculating farmer’s income from the sale of fresh fruit bunches. Farmers can easily find out the outcomes to be obtained based on how many kilograms of crops are sold through this application. This research was conducted in Mesuji Regency, Lampung Province using primary data and descriptive analysis. The sampling technique utilized a proportional random sampling method and consisted of 88 oil palm farmers. The results indicated that the application made it simpler for farmers to find out their income. Farmers only need to input the land area, the harvest number obtained on the harvest day that has been carried out, and the price of fresh fruit bunches, so farmers would know the estimated monthly and annual income calculations. These calculations can be used by farmers as a predicting and planning tool to avoid losses.


Income; Simulator; Oil Palm; Farmer