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A Framework for GIS-Based Sustainability Assessment for Palm Oil Industry: An Overview
Muhammad Asrol, Hakara Warid, AAN Perwira Redi, YT Prasetyo

Last modified: 2021-06-07


Sustainability assessment in the palm oil industry has a significant role in fostering competitive advantages. A Geographical Information System (GIS)-based adaption is required to provide a comprehensive and reliable sustainability assessment for palm oil. This study aims to overview a GIS-Based sustainability assessment framework for the palm oil industry. This study applied a literature review and analysis to develop the framework. The theoretical analysis was delivered as the preliminary stage to develop the framework. This study has succeeded to review and develop a comprehensive framework for sustainability assessment in the palm oil industry. A comprehensive methodology was also provided to be implemented. Multi-Dimensional Scaling and Multi-Criteria Decision Making were provided for the sustainability assessment. A GIS framework was applied to organize the assessment framework in delivering the dashboard to monitor the palm oils sustainability performance. For further research, the framework needs expert validation and applied to the real-world problem.


Assessment; Fostering industry; Geographical Information System; Sustainability