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Change Order Factor Identification and Management in Long Segment Road Preservation Works in Jakarta Region
Andi Bayu Putra

Last modified: 2021-06-07


Change order can be defined as a proposed change between the owners and contractors to alter several conditions from early contract documents, such as increasing or decreasing several works amongst others. This change most likely will change the value of a contract, the work schedule, and its payment schedule In short, change order can be defined as a modification from an existing contract. According to the Indonesian Presidential Decree Number 16 on the Year of 2018, Contract Change Order has been defined. This research uses a descriptive qualitative approach through desk study. Qualitative method is a study with the intent to obtain answers (of a research) using literature (such as books, journals, articles, etc) and interview notes related to research problems. Desk study or literature study were done to fine the factors that contributed to the cause of Change Orders related to the research object. Desk Study was done manually online using keywords, titles, and abstracts from trusted websites to search academic reports, scientific articles, journals, text books, and other that is recognized by the professional world. The purpose of this research is to identify the factors that caused a change order in a long segment road preservation works in Jakarta Region, Indonesia, based on the results of the previous analysis by the author and to identify, analyse, and determine the best method to lessen the negative impact of Change Order through risk management. This research is also based on and a continuation of the previous research by the author.


change order, desk study, identification, change order factor; change order management