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A Semantic Study of 'Warfare" Video Game Terminologies
Clara Herlina Karjo

Last modified: 2021-06-10


In online interaction, video games players often used specialized language that cannot be understood by people outside their community. The purpose of this paper is to describe the meaning of the terminologies used in Warframe video games. The data were taken from narrations in the video games and the interactions between the players. The data were qualitatively analysed to find out the conceptual as well as the contextual meanings of the terminologies.  Results revealed that the terminologies were divided into five categories, the Object category has the most terms. Moreover, 74.4% of the terminologies were related with their literal meanings and 24.6% are made up words which have no association with their literal meaning. The results implied that video games terminologies should be relatively easy to understand to reach wider audience.


video games; terminologies; computer mediated; communication;semantic