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Assessing Task Difficulty, Team-Member Ability, and Motivation on the Team Productivity by an Agent-based Model
Luki Iswara, Fergyanto E Gunawan, Firdaus Alamsjah

Last modified: 2021-06-11


The difficulty level of a task and each individual's contribution contribute to the team's success in performing the task. The contribution depends on the individual motivation and ability. In this paper, we assess the effects of those factors on team productivity, measured in the duration to finish a given task. The study adopts a simulation approach by using an agent-based model. In the study, we vary the number, the ability, and the motivation level of each team member, and we compute the duration to execute tasks with various levels of difficulty. The simulation results show that the completion time of tasks is minimum for teams with more members, high individual motivation, and high individual ability.


Agent-based model; organization behavior; productivity; worker ability; worker motivation