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Storytelling for Raising Awareness of Environmental and Social Issues: Analogy Approach
Angela Oscario

Last modified: 2021-06-09


Government, NGOs and other concerned corporations have issued various designs to communicate environmental and social issues to the society. Unfortunately, those great efforts have not achieved the maximum results. It’s hard to grab people’s attention and interest while they are flooded with a huge number of information per day. Moreover, people only care about critical issues that relate to their life. The existing visual communication designs are not able to show the relevance between those issues and people’s daily life. This qualitative research studied the challenges that are faced by the designers and other related professionals while designing visual communication for environmental and social issues and the possible solution through analogy approach storytelling. Using case studies of existing designs and two theses of the students of Visual Communication Design – Bina Nusantara University, the aim of this research is disclosing the process of designing visual communication using analogy approach storytelling that expectantly could bring the environmental and social issues closer to the society.


Environmental Issue, Social Issue, storytelling, analogy approach, visual communication design