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Kiko Good Garage Reservation and Customer Management Application Design Using Prototyping Method
Frety Andila

Last modified: 2021-06-14


The design of reservation and customer management applications is a web-based application design that deals with services. This application is an application that is online so that it can make it easier for its users. The biggest problem customers experience are the irregular queues from the order of arrival of customers in the queue for washing and coating processes. Another problem is that the management of daily and monthly revenue reporting data is still done manually, which is a very important data report. In addition, there are problems managing customer data that services and special offers have performed to improve customer relationships. Therefore, a web-based customer management and reservation application design was created. The approach used in conducting this research is by using the prototyping method, this approach process is useful as a stage for designing and building applications, starting with the analysis process until the application is ready for use by the users. The design of this application is in line with the problem components and user needs, so that it can help the previously experienced problems to become more structured.


Keywords— Design, Request, Reservation, Customer Management, Prototyping, Car Wash.


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