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An Analysis and Design of Indicators for Sustainability Business Practice Adoption at Manufacturing Company: An Overview
Muhammad Asrol, AA Santosa

Last modified: 2021-06-07


The sustainability business practice implementation is required for the manufacturing company which has low competitiveness. Sustainability dimensions and indicators are required in the sustainability business practice implementation. This study aims to formulate sustainability indicators for manufacturing company. The current manufacturing company condition was delivered to show the importance of the sustainability approach in developing competitive advantage. A literature review to previous research in sustainability assessment was revealed for formulating the indicators. This study has succeeded to formulate 3 dimensions and 21 indicators for sustainability assessment in the implementation of sustainability business practice in manufacturing company. The qualification to formulate the sustainability indicators for any sectors were also found. A framework for sustainability assessment in adopting sustainable business practice is proposed. For further research, it needs experienced expert validation and assessed the indicators and framework model.


Business Practice; Industry; Manufacture; Sustainability; Triple-bottom-line