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Application of Smart Gas Grid As a Form of Adaptation of Gas Distribution Companies in The 4.0 Industry Era
Wahyu Sardjono, Astari Retnowardhani, Erna Selviyanti, Gustian Rama Putra, Aninda Rahmasari

Last modified: 2021-06-09


The industrial revolution 4.0 is concerned with process automation, artificial intelligent (artificial intelligence), and personalization. This revolution is driven by the very rapid development of digital technology so that the characteristics of this industry are a process that is increasingly efficient and transparent and is very oriented towards customer needs. The main objective of this paper is to describe the current state of the smart gas grid concept that has recently begun to be discussed as Indonesia enters the industrial era 4.0. This paper provides a detailed discussion of the expected features of a smart gas grid, with first paying attention to existing academic literature related and ongoing worldwide projects. In doing this, this paper also discusses the potential for rethinking the smart grid paradigm from the perspective of the entire energy system, including the integration of electricity and gas networks, and identifies some important key aspects that must be addressed when developing a new smart energy system paradigm.


smartgrid, energy system, industry 4.0, adaptation