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A Retrospective Overview of Green Entrepreneur Research using a Bibliometric Analysis
Agung Purnomo, Mega Firdaus, Elsa Rosyidah, Nur Afia, Nuzula Firdausi

Last modified: 2021-06-19


Research on green entrepreneurs continues to develop but is limited to one country and/or one area. From the retrospective of bibliometric analysis, this study purposes to visually research mapping and research trends in the field of green entrepreneur on an international scale. This study used bibliometric techniques with secondary data from Scopus. Analyze and visualize data using the VOSViewer program and the analyse search results function on Scopus. This study analyzed 40 scientific documents published from 2002 to 2020. According to the research, the University of Hull, and Gibbs, D. had the most active affiliated institutions and individual scientists in green entrepreneur research. Environmental science; and articles were the most studied and disseminated outlets of green entrepreneur research. There were three category maps of collaborative researchers from around the world. Based on the identification of a collection of knowledge accumulated from over eighteen years of publication, this research proposes a grouping of green entrepreneur research themes: Business, Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Impact, Environmental Management, and Sustainable Development abbreviated as BEEES research themes.


bibliometric; green entrepreneur; research themes; research trends; research mapping