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Sustainable Performance: The Concept of Consumer Trust on Technology Adaption
A A Setiawan, D D Gunadi, K Katherina, S Senjaya, V Crystal, Doni Purnama Alamsyah

Last modified: 2021-06-09


The company continues to assess the value of consumer trust in the products it offers, especially in products that adapt technology such as smart homes. The purpose of consumer behavior studies is in principle to maintain marketing performance and sustainable performance. Based on this problematic phenomenon, this study aims to examine consumer trust in adapting to technology. The study was reviewed based on literature review of previous studies, and analysis was carried out to find research hypotheses. The research findings are presented based on previous research studies that state consumer trust in technology depends on the perception of the value of product innovation it receives. Moreover, consumer trust also has a relationship in stimulating customer satisfaction and loyalty. Technology adaptation is not easy, but finding consumer trust will make it easier to stimulate consumer concern.


Sustainable Performance; Consumer Trust