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Traditional Performances Inspiration in Popular Media: Indonesian Wayang Comics from Post-Independence to the New Millennium
Danendro Adi, Dria Setiautami

Last modified: 2021-06-14


Comics have existed in Indonesia since the the Dutch East Indies period, introduced by Dutch-language daily newspaper. in its development, Indonesian comics with ideas that have inspired from the Western popular culture are considered as a threat to the sustainability of the national cultural values. This issue encourage the local comic artist to create a new kind of comic, Wayang comic, a genre that only available in Indonesia which actually taken from the classical mythology Ramayana and Mahabharata that have been well accepted by the reader and considered to be more educated and match with the nation’s culture. This paper will begin with brief history about Indonesian comic, then will be discussed how local value become inspiration, at the same time maintaining the sustainability of traditional heritage. This research using a qualitative research approach, explaining the fact about traditional wayang performance and how it become inspiration, then will be looking at how the classical performance transformed into popular media, and its impact on the society to be analised.


Comic, Sustainable Innovation