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Website Design using Design Principles to Increase User Satisfaction
Tobias Warbung

Last modified: 2021-06-11


A website is an essential element for an organization to promote its products and services digitally. Especially in an era where technology is increasingly fast, having a website has become an obligation for those who want to compete digitally. However, with the online era like now, users have high expectations when visiting a website, and they have a low tolerance level for websites that do not function properly. Therefore the challenge is how the website can answer specific user needs, easy to understand, easy to navigate, and aesthetically attractive to the user's eyes. This study is a continuation of previous research that examined the visual exploration process in the form of a mood board obtained by understanding target consumers through personas. The research will study how to design LCB website with the stages of making a wireframe, a prototype for structuring the website, applying design principles to manage the information visually so the website can be easily navigated and understood by the user. Furthermore, through the new LCB website design, users can get the information needed, increasing their satisfaction when they enter LCB website.