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Using Global English coursebook to Indonesian students: A culturally relevant strategy to sustainable quality education?
Widad Fairuz Nabilah, Irfan Rifai

Last modified: 2021-06-09


Abstract. Textbook has been used as main reference in most Indonesian schools. As the main reference, it has become an important source of knowledge and a tool that allows learner acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values of other cultures. Used with students as the center of learning, textbooks can help support the objective of attaining sustainable quality education as it is portrayed by the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). This paper elucidates the use of global coursebook to local students in one national school in Jakarta, Indonesia and how culturally relevant the coursebook is for local students. It is a self-study research conducted by the first author who reflected on and analyzed her intern teaching experience when using global coursebook to a class of fourth-grade students. Having analyzed the textbook and first author’s reflection in using the textbook, we (the first and second authors) found that the global textbook is lacking cultural relevancy and portrayal of local culture. Considering these findings, we suggest educational institutions as well as the government consider the book selection and development as important components to the educational system that is sustainable, equitable, accessible, and culturally relevant for all Indonesian children.


Keywords: education for sustainable development; self-study; global coursebook



Education for sustainable development