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The Significant Variables’ Environment Features of Biophilic Design to Reduce Stress in The Animation Office
Airin Dian Nagari, Michael Isnaeni Djimantoro, Gatot Suharjanto

Last modified: 2021-06-14


Biophilic design is a concept from nature that is brought and or integrated with where we lives. While environmental features in a biophilic design are characteristics and features of the natural environment such as sunlight, air, wind, etc.  Biophilic design are often applied to rooms with aim of reducing stress, increase employee productivity and creativity. One industry that often intersects with creativity is animation industry, but this industry also prone to stres, because their work guidance are in the cognitive and intelectual domains. The purpose of this study is to identify and apply the variables of environment features that are most influential in the animation office. This study used quantitative statistical methods with data processing from questionnaires and literature related to biophilic design. The result of this study are to understand which variables' environment features of biophilic design that significant reduce stress level in the animation office and what the concept from these variables.