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Mental Health Enhancement Through Nostalgia. The Study on Loneliness and Internet Use
Esther Widhi Andangsari, Windha Lestari, Rani Agias Fitri, Evi Afifah Hurriyati, Meilani Dhamayanti

Last modified: 2021-06-10


Restrictions in physical interactions during the pandemic resulting significant upsurge in internet usage, from productivity purpose to communication. Previous study suggested that internet usage contributed to increasing level of loneliness. The present study aims to explain how loneliness might predict mental health through nostalgia. Nostalgia considered as positive emotion state which could help people with loneliness to achieve optimal mental health. From the result, we found that the model examined in present study was empirically proven, suggesting that nostalgia through internet use could provide help for people dealing with loneliness through utilization of individual’s internal resources.


mental health, nostalgia, loneliness, internet use, sustainable society