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The Study of Materials in the Bubungan Tinggi Traditional House Regarding the Concept of Sustainability
Ema Karina, Ika Rachmayanti, Ade Ariyani Sari Fajarwati

Last modified: 2021-06-24


Bubungan Tinggi is a type of traditional Banjar house that has a centric palace position, which has a higher level than other types of traditional houses in South Borneo. The strong natural connection around South Borneo to the Bubungan Tinggi traditional house makes this house a symbol of local culture that is able to adapt to its climatic and geographical conditions. Along with that, the culture of the local community which forms a system of understanding the universe has made the Bubungan Tinggi traditional house apply sustainable design aspects to its builders, especially materials. This study aims to examine sustainable materials found in the Bubungan Tinggi traditional house through the three cosmologies of the upper world, the middle world, and the underworld. The method used in this research is a qualitative descriptive method by utilizing literature studies obtained from books, journals, and other literature related to the Bubungan Tinggi traditional house and its cosmology and sustainable materials. The results of this study found a concept of sustainable design from the materials used in the Bubungan Tinggi traditional house.



banjar traditional house, bubungan tinggi, cosmology, sustainable material