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The space programming of Palembang traditional houses : A study of its acculturation approach
Adinda Hamiatni Putri, Ika Rachmayanti, Ade Ariyani Sari Fajarwati

Last modified: 2021-06-24


Palembang has a variety of cultural and historical values. Palembang, with its diverse cultural background and community activity patterns, has produced traditional houses according to the needs and culture around the environment. Among the traditional houses in Palembang are the Rakit House, the Ulu House and the Limas House. These three traditional houses have different functions, characteristics, and cultural backgrounds. This includes the concept of space in traditional Palembang houses which have different spatial functions. This study aims to examine the extent of the correlation between the culture and history of the Palembang people and the concept of space in traditional Palembang houses. This research uses qualitative methods in the form of data collection and literature study through research from other journals and the internet.


Traditional houses, sustainable architecture, Palembang acculturation