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Biophilic Approach as A Sustainable Strategy to Overcome Children’s Anxiety in Theraplay Room
Nadia Delviana, Ika Rachmayanti, Ade Ariyani Sari Fajarwati

Last modified: 2021-06-24


Theraplay is a play activity that is done before the child will do an examination to overcome the child's anxiety. When the child performs theraplay, the child can express his expression such as happy that can make the child forget his anxiety while in the clinic. In supporting the needs of children's theraplay, a space is needed that can meet the needs of activities and facilities for children. Interior concept is required in the children's theraplay room according to the user, namely children by using a concept that suits the child's age. Sustainable design with biophilic approaches is used to provide calmness to the child.  The purpose of this research is intended to create the concept of interior design of the playroom that can reduce the anxiety of the child and know the level to the child cooperative at the time of examination by being given theraplay with the appropriate interior concept. As a supporter of existing data, the methodology used is to use qualitative descriptive methods.  The finding of this results showed that beside doing a  theraplay activities, the concept of interior can reduce the child's anxiety during the examination.


biophilic, interior, theraplay, sustainable, children anxiety