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Exploration of convection fabric waste as interior elements, accessories and furniture
Aurelia Desyana Fanny, Ade Ariyani Sari Fajarwati, Ika Rachmayanti

Last modified: 2021-06-24


The development of the convection industry is increasing due to the fast fashion trend. The impact of this increase is the accumulation of fabric waste because fabric is an inorganic waste that is difficult to decompose. It is necessary to explore waste materials as a form of concern for the environment through sustainable design. Recycling convection fabric waste with creative strategies is a way to overcome environmental damage from fabric disposal and combustion process. Convection fabric waste can be used in interior design. Besides reducing the build-up of waste, the use of convection fabric waste can help reduce the design cost, increase awareness about the importance of upcycling, and add to the aesthetics of space. This research aims to analyze the problem of fabric waste in environment, followed by discussing its processing techniques. In addition, various products such as accessories, furniture, and interior elements from fabric are discussed as well as their benefits to the environment and users of the design. The research method used is the design thinking method by linking the needs of accessories, furniture, and elements at the interior through the exploration of convection waste materials. This research shows that with a creative approach, the exploration of convection waste can be used as an accessories, furniture, and interior elements that are functional and aesthetic while supporting environmental sustainability.


convection waste, accessories, furniture, interior design, sustainable