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Printed or Digital? An exploration of digital transformation in Indonesian library
Irmawan Rahyadi, Betty Betty, Masyhur Dungcik, Istikomah Ubudiah, Ade Wirahman

Last modified: 2021-06-10


The article discusses the digital transformation of media collections in the library. Research that illustrates how processing collection over media, obstacles faced by the Library Service of the Province of South Sumatra. The study used a qualitative descriptive method with the aim of getting a more detailed description of the processing of collections over media. Data collection techniques in the study were carried out by observation, documentation, and in-depth interviews with the head of the library, the head of conservation, the media transfer section, and librarians. The results of the study showed that the processing of media transfer collections consisted of three stages after the media transfer. The main obstacle in processing the transfer of media is the lack of human resources that are competent in the field of media transfer besides that, inadequate facilities due to lack of available budget.


Sustainable innovation