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Interior of Optik Surya Historical Building in Malang with 3D Reconstruction
Baskoro Azis, Adisti Safrilia, Ida Bagus Ananta Wijaya

Last modified: 2021-06-09


Malang is a city that has its own history. Many historical relics are evidence of colonialism and one of them is in the form of historical buildings. Many historical buildings are not maintained because of the maintenance of buildings that are quite expensive, one of which is Optik Surya in Malang. Preservation of historical buildings, especially in the interior is still not balanced with the exterior. Therefore, preservation with 3D interior reconstruction method in Optik Surya  building by analyzing design elements and design principles to know the characteristics of the building. The method used is descriptive qualitative and, by collecting field observation data, library reviews and visual data. The findings in the form of shapes (ceilings and furniture), lighting and color are most prominent in the comparison between elements and interior design principles of the historic building Optik Surya which is associated with the current condition of 1973 and the present.


Historical, 3D, Interior, Element Design