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Application of Expert System for Oil Palm Smallholder-Owned Plantations
Arif Umami, Hangger Gahara Mawandha, Dimas Deworo Puruhito, Purwadi Purwadi, Teddy Suparyanto, Digdo Sudigyo, Bens Pardamean

Last modified: 2021-06-14


Most of the oil palm smallholders operate independently. As a result of this lack of support and assistance, oil palm owned by independent smallholders has the lowest productivity compared to large private (corporation) plantations and large state plantations. In addition, smallholder-owned plantations often operate without paying attention to sustainability aspects. There is a need for an effective, efficient, and user-friendly mentoring tool for oil palm farmers that are accessed independently. The Android-based platform was developed by applying an expert system to support increased production of oil palm cultivation for smallholders. Several stages of the expert system implementation, including the identification of planters and land profiles, were carried out using the direct interview method. The expert system includes land preparation management, planting material selection, seeding, weeds control, pests and diseases, fertilization, harvesting and transport, plantation administration, chat platforms, and data scrapping from data providers. The type of expert system is a data-driven Decision Support System (DSS).


oil palm; smallholders; expert system; Android-based application