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A Study of Sustainable Architecture of Chinese Temple in Jakarta : Jin De Yuan
Polniwati Salim

Last modified: 2021-06-12


In this paper, researcher analysis the architecture of cultural heritage templesthat has common thread with Chinese culture. The objective of the paper is to explore the element of this heritage and historic temple building in eighteen century that stands as sustainability architecture for decades. In order to preserve this temple so that it remains unique, renovations were carried out while adhering to the original architectural form of the Chinese character. This paper is to show the society about the architecture of the temple that has been preserved from time to time according to its original form that supports the character of Chinese culture in Jakarta. This research used observation and literature study as method, supporting with pictures and data from the temple. Literature related to the Chinese architectural, have been reviewed to provide sufficient data for discuss about the element of this Chinese temple. The result of this paper show that the temple still maintain the character of Chinese architecture form as when it was first founded and considered as a form of preservation of historic building. This Study not only will give good impact for society to recognise this temple but also known as a sustainable architecture in the future.


sustainable architecture, chinese architecture, temple, historic building