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Double Skin Facade Effect On Optimizing Daylighting In SOHO Apartment South Jakarta
Very Lorenzo, Religiana Hendarti, Yosica Mariana

Last modified: 2021-06-12


The goal of research was to determine a form of a Double Skin Facade that can reduce the exposure to sunlight without sacrificing the level of illuminance particularly for the office are of the SOHO (Small Office Home Office), so that the standard of visual comfort can be achieved. The method of the research is simulating the SOHO unit with various shading shapes and angles between 15o-75o. The analysis is carried out on each side of the shading openings to get the workspace light intensity adjusted to the standard lux needs. From the results of the analysis it can be seen that every orientation of SOHO unit has already fulfill the visual comfort standards in it. This can be achieved by selecting a shading form with a variety of angles that supports the reduction of solar radiation while including visual comfort in the SOHO unit.