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Environmental Literacy: Millennials’ Understanding of Anthropocentrism and Ecocentrism
Aguira Fortuna, Lila Nathania S.I.Kom., M.Litt, Bobie Hartanto S.I.Kom., M.A

Last modified: 2021-06-10


Climate change is arguably the most urgent problem that does not get enough attention in Indonesia. This issue requires full attention from the government, NGO, and public altogether. One of the ways to address this issue is by raising environmental literacy. The first step of understanding climate change is by learning two important paradigms: anthropocentrism and ecocentrism. These paradigms see humans as the ruler of all living beings in the world or just as one part of this huge ecosystem, consecutively. Understanding of these two concepts is fundamental in realizing that humans should respect the nature and preserve the only planet that we live in. This research measured the environmental literacy in millennials of East Java. The method used is mixed method with survey and in-depth interview as the data gathering technique. The findings of this research will serve as an environmental literacy map of millennials in East Java and will be used as guidance in making environmental campaigns.


Environmental Literacy; Anthropocentrism; Ecocentrism; Millenials