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Critical Multimodal Discourse Analysis of YouTube Influencers' Impact on Purchase Intention
Desi Indrawati, Meiliani Luckieta, Febrina Nadelia

Last modified: 2021-06-11


Today, Youtube influencers are the new brand form of popularity that shows their creativity and talent. Many of them have become financially victorious. Additionally, they promote certain products and attract the attention of viewers to purchase the products. In doing so, this study aims to reveal how verbal, visual, audio, and gesture aspects of the YouTube influencers impact viewers’ purchase intention and how those aspects display the context in the form of power to affect viewers’ purchase intention. The analysis in this study used a multimodal analysis focusing on multimodal systems, including aspects of verbal, visual, audio, gesture, and Critical Discourse Analysis in context to disclose the power displayed by the YouTube influencers. The researchers used the qualitative research methodology by applying a descriptive analysis in the research. The results showed that the verbal, visual, audio, and gesture aspects of YouTube influencers convey the intended meanings and appoint power based on context to impact viewers’ purchase intention.


YouTube influencers; Purchase Intention; Power; Critical Multimodal Discourse Analysis