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Structural Analysis of Factors Influencing the Sustainability of Wave Energy in Indonesia’s Coastal Area
Yureana WIJAYANTI, martin anda, Juliastuti Juliastuti, oki setyandito

Last modified: 2021-06-12


Indonesia is an archipelago country and has wave energy potential for renewable energy. It can be applied as sustainable energy source for bordered and remote coastal area. The understanding and identification of most influenced variables to ensure sustainability of wave energy is very crucial. Therefore, this paper aim to present how we used structural analysis method to identify the influence factors of sustainability wave energy in coastal area. The methodology of study is using the Impact Matrix Cross-Reference Multiplication Applied to a Classification (MICMAC) software for analysing the influence variables. It also utilized to identify the correlation among the identified factors. After that, these factors were rank. The result shows that factor of ‘subsidies’, ‘financing institution’, proper wave energy potential data’, and ‘lack of policy and regulation’ are classified as key factor which has the highest influence and highest independent. However, future research should be perform with more variables and focus group discussion of experts, to formulate the best scenarios of wave energy sustainability.


Wave Energy; Coastal area; MICMAC; Sustainability