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The Effect of Encoder and Decoder Stack Depth of Transformer Model to Performance of Machine Translator for Low-resource Languages
Yaya Heryadi, Bambang Dwi Wijanarko, Dina Fitria Murad, Cuk Tho, Kiyota Hashimoto

Last modified: 2022-06-09


This paper presents experimentation results on the effect of encoder-decoder stack depth to performance of vanilla transformer model used as a neural machine translation of low-resource languages. In this study, a pretrained transformer model is fine-tuned using a parallel corpus of Indonesian and Sundanese languages. The experiment results showed that performances of vanilla transformer model with 2, 4, or 6 stack depth are higher than performance of the model with 8 stack depth. In particular, the highest performances achieved by the transformer model with 2 stack depth are: 0.99 training accuracy, 0.97 validation accuracy, and 0.99 testing similarity.


transformer model, machine translation, deep learning

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