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Branches or Branchless Strategy? The Most Influencing Factors on Performance in Indonesia Financing Industry
Heru Santosa Hadiyanto, Diena Dwidienawati

Last modified: 2022-06-10


There is still inconsistencies between the influence of the network offices or distribution channels.  This research aimed to confirm the influence of branch network offices and the performance of the finance company in Indonesia.  This research also aimed to see the regional macro economics indicator (GDRP, Economic Growth, Population and income per capita) impacts to bank performance.  A descriptive quantitative study was conducted based on secondary data of 34 provinces in Indonesia from OJK.  PLS program was used to analyzed the correlation between variable.  The finding of the study showed that number of branches, GDRP, Economic Growth had positive influence to the bank performance.  However, number of population and income per capita did not have a positive influence to performance.  Number of population had shown a positive correlation with number of branches.  However, income per capita did not show a positive relationship.


account receivable, branch network, GDRP, economic growth, population, income per capita

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