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The Road the Developing Students' Digital Fluency: The Role of Personality Traits
Greta Vidya Paramita, Raymond Godwin, Ayleen Wisudha, Steward Desson, Yan Andre Peranginangin

Last modified: 2022-06-12


The rapid development of technology, especially in the digital area, requires humans to develop. Understanding and the ability to use technology are no longer enough to deal with technological advances. Therefore, developing digital fluency in each individual is necessary, and higher education has a significant role in this. Personality description is chosen as the entrance for the development of digital fluency, especially for students. Using a questionnaire distributed through BINUS Maya, which was then connected to the Lumina Spark online system, we collected 2014 participants from various majors at the undergraduate level. Out of the 24 personality traits measured in the Lumina Spark, adaptable, flexible, and radical do not significantly correlate with personality. Through regression analysis, it can be seen that ten traits have a role in predicting students' digital fluency. The results of this study can be used to develop activity programs for students, especially in the classroom, so that the habituation process can run naturally along with lecture interactions.


digital fluency, 21-century skills, personality

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