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How Online Store Image and Brand Image affect Purchase Intention? – A Preliminary Findings
Sevenpri Candra

Last modified: 2022-05-30


In Indonesia, website-based retail store sales are developing. There are several factors that influence each other to support website-based retail store purchase intention. This study aims to prove the influence of online store image, brand image, e-service quality, perceived risk, and price awareness on purchase intention on online store websites in Indonesia. The sample for this study is consumers with criteria who know and or have ever transacted on an online store website. The online survey data collection process was sent to respondents via email. The data analysis method was carried out using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with WarpPLS software. From the questionnaire obtained data of 98 respondents. And the analysis shows that brand image has a role in increasing consumers to make purchase intentions. While online store image, e-service quality, brand image, and perceived risk are not the main supporting factors to influence purchase intention. More details will be explained in the analysis section of this study.


Online Store Image; Brand Image; E-Service Quality; Perceived Risk; Price Consciousness; Purchase Intention

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