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The Effect of Pancasila Education, Civic Education, and Religion Education on Value Education for The Students During COVID 19 Pandemic
Arcadius Benawa, Erma Lusia, Alfensius Alwino, Iwan Irawan

Last modified: 2022-05-20


During COVID-19 attack, there are change in the teaching and learning process from onsite to online. It is the challenge for the lecturers in Bina Nusantara to instil value education through Pancasila Education, Civic Education, and Religion Education to instil Value Education. In this situation the purpose of this study is to observe the extent of students' understanding of Pancasila Education, Civic Education and Religion Education on Value Education for the students during Covid-19 pandemic. The method in this research used a quantitative method which is carried out by distributing questionnaires to 150 respondents as simple random sampling. The collected data were processed by the SPSS 22 program, then completing it by using path analysis. The result of this research showed that Pancasila Education has a significant effect on Value Education. As well as Religion Education has significant effect on Value Education for the students during covid-19 pandemic. But there is no significant effect of Civic Education on the Value Education. The implication is that Pancasila Education and Religion Education should be delivered more intensively and seriously to instill value education more over Civic Education, so that the students as the young generation are not only having Pancasila, Civic, and Religion understanding but also can live up to the values in particular which are used as core values by Bina Nusantara University.


Pancasila Education; Civic Education; ; Religion Education; Value Education

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