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The Study of Customer Satisfaction on Natural Skincare Products for MSMEs' E-Business Sustainability
Stanley Christian Dharmono, R. Aditya Kristamtono Putra, Ajeng Mira Herdina

Last modified: 2022-06-10


The Covid-19 pandemic makes all activities carried out online and increases the demand for natural skincare products. E-business is a promising business model during the pandemic and post-pandemic for MSMEs that sell skincare products made from natural ingredients. This purpose of this research is to define the influence of quality and price of natural skincare products on customer satisfaction, which can support the sustainability of MSMEs' E-business. The object of this research is Zavennie, an MSME that sells green skincare products using the B2C E-business model. This study uses a quantitative approach by employing a survey distributed through an online questionnaire. The respondents of this research are customers who have bought Zavennie products. The data analysis method applied in this research is multiple linear regression. The results revealed that product quality and price partially and simultaneously had a significant influence on customer satisfaction. The findings in this study also indicate that improving product quality and determining the proper selling price could support the sustainability of MSMEs' E-Business which produces skincare products made from natural ingredients. The findings of this study will provide a reference for MSMEs that operates E-Business to enhance product quality and determine appropriate selling price to maintain customer satisfaction. For further study, it is suggested to apply a wider research object and involve more respondents so that a deeper study can be conducted on the factors that influence customer satisfaction and its influence on the sustainability of MSMEs E-Business.


Product, Price, Customer Satisfaction

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