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The Analysis of Consumers' Product Knowledge and Marketing Strategies for Organic and Hidroponic Vegetables: a Case Study of "Say.Yours-From Farm to Table Concept"
Nabilah Salma Salma Wibowo, Sahnaz Ubud, Sahnaz Ubud, Meidiana Purnamasari, Meidiana Purnamasari

Last modified: 2022-06-12


This study aims to find and elaborate on how consumer product knowledge and understanding of organic and hydroponic vegetables have an important role in purchasing intentions, as well as to find out how to improve the effective marketing strategies that "Say.Yours" is able to execute so that they can provide products according to the needs and desires of consumers. The research subjects are customers who have purchased their products at least three times. There are 15 consumers who are voluntarily willing to be the informants, with various backgrounds. The research was conducted using qualitative methods through case studies. The data analysis technique was carried out by interpreting the meaning of important statements obtained through interviews with informants and processing the data using Nvivo 12 software. The results of the study show an understanding of product knowledge, which has an important role in consumer purchasing decisions as well as several aspects, such as buying experience, product quality, and others. Realizing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most important point in consumers' understanding of buying organic and hydroponic vegetables compared to conventional products. Through various content on social media, it becomes an effective marketing strategy to foster product knowledge and understanding that leads to consumer purchasing decisions.


Product Knowledge, Purchase Intentions, Marketing Strategy

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