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Satisfaction Level Analysis of Bukalapak’s Website & Application Users Using SERVQUAL and IPA
Fransisca Dini Ariyanti, Melissa Melissa

Last modified: 2022-05-09


Customer or user satisfaction is a very important thing to maintain especially for company that engaged in the service industry. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research to determine the level of user satisfaction and identify problems that must be addressed immediately. A thorough analysis on the service importance level satisfaction level for certain services at Bukalapak can be done by using Service Quality (SERVQUAL) Method. The result shows that according to Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) calculation, the user satisfaction level with Bukalapak is 85% which can be considered very good. Aside from that, companies also need to know the perceptions and expectations of users on the quality of services offered and make improvements in critical areas by making an Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) graph. The graph shows 4 main problems in Quadrant I that need to be solved immediately which are the appearance of Bukalapak’s website or application (T1), data protection for customer or user (E1), customer service (E2), and the coherency of stock quantities and product descriptions (R2). The resolution of these four problems was made by using questionnaires to ask for opinions and solutions from 5 experts.


Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality (SERVQUAL), Importance Performance Analysis (IPA), Minitab

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