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The Effect of Ease of Use, Product Quality, and Service Quality of SmartQ Queueing Services on Users' Satisfaction
Gabriel Shan Filbert, Raden Aditya Kristamtomo Putra, Satria Fadil Persada, Yoseph Benny Kusuma, Meilinda Trisilia, Zainiyah Alfirdaus, Hera Rachmahani, Mardhatilah Shanti

Last modified: 2022-06-13


The present research study is aimed to evaluate the influential and general description of ease of use (EoU), product quality (PQ), and service quality (SQ) on users' satisfaction in SmartQ queuing service providers. The research method is quantitative research with an explanatory research paradigm. Three hypotheses are proposed. The subjects used from the survey research were 45 respondents. The eligible respondents are the ones who are partners of SmartQ services. The analysis presented in the current study has consisted of a detailed descriptive evaluation as well as a multiple linear regression approach. The findings revealed in this study indicate that the ease of use of SmartQ services affects the satisfaction of SmartQ partner users. The quality of SmartQ service products affects the satisfaction of SmartQ partner users. The three proposed hypotheses are proven to be positive and significant. The overall model shows the representation of R2 of 84.4%. The 15.6% is affected by potential outside variables not included in this study.


Ease of use; product quality; users' satisfaction; multiple linear regression; queuing service

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