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Analysis of The Decision-Making Process as A Supplier of Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Raw Materials in Modern Retail Store
Riza Rizqiyah

Last modified: 2022-05-09


This research is entitled analysis of the decision-making process of business cooperation as a supplier of raw materials for fresh vegetables and fruits in supply chain management in modern retail stores. In business, the decision-making process of cooperation is important because many people or business people do not know and do not understand how to develop business and marketing in modern retail. Analysis in the decision-making process in this collaboration is very helpful directly by business people and SAY.YOURS so that it can be known by the public. There are also modern retail stores that are the author's target, namely Lai-Lai, Hypermart, and Superindo. The analytical method used is a descriptive qualitative approach and the analytical tool used is the triangulation method. The collaborative decision-making process can be taken from 2 aspects in food supply chain networking, namely chain management and value chain business processes. Based on the results of the research, it is known that the decision-making process of business cooperation is seen from chain management by sending product samples and providing organic certification which is the main thing as well as cooperation agreements. Meanwhile, the value chain business process contains activities carried out when a Cooperation agreement has been entered into, starting from ordering, shipping, storing, checking, to repeat orders. which is highly regulated with neat and scheduled details so that the management is more organized than with traditional markets.


Decision Making, Cooperation, Triangulation, food supply Chain Networking, Modern Market

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