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Working Desk Partition Design with Copper Coating
Nabilla Retnaning Dewanti, Budi Setiawan, Dhanista Dyaksa

Last modified: 2022-06-11


The spread of Covid-19 continues to be the main focus for all sectors, especially in the office sector, where the health of working employees is the most important thing for the company. Along with a significant increase in the spread of the coronavirus, the availability of appropriate furniture accessories on work desks to support employee performance is very important as a form of virus prevention in offices. The number of companies that do not have the ability to replace furniture according to health protocol requirements is the main factor in this study. The use of partitions and furniture features that can support the needs of employees is very important as a form of prevention against the spread of the virus. The utilization and quality of materials in workspace furniture will also be increased in accordance with the applicable health protocol. This study aims to record and analyze interior facilities with the category of desk furniture in the office work area from a design and function point of view related to aspects of comfort and safety for employees.


Covid-19, Furniture Accessories, Office, and Partition

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