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Virtual Art Exhibition to Encourage Traditional Culture Knowledge for Generation-Z
Andreas Kurniawan

Last modified: 2022-06-10


Indonesia as a country that has a lot of traditional cultures, requires attention especially among generation-Z to maintain its sustainability. In many cases, various Indonesian cultures are often claimed by other countries as part of their culture, sometimes for the political purposes, economic, or even industrial motives. Thus, it is important to introduce and strengthen the traditional cultures knowledge, especially to generation-Z as the nation's successors. This study was conducted by creating a virtual gallery exhibition as a manifestation of new media forms that can adapt to the trends from generation-Z. The virtual gallery contains traditional attractions, culinary, dance, tourism, music, folklores, and ethnic houses. Some contents in this virtual gallery applies augmented reality technology with image tracking based. This research used mix method with qualitative and quantitative approach to explore the generation-Z expression. Results, virtual gallery gives an effective penetration to increase the traditional culture knowledge among generation-Z.


virtual gallery, traditional culture, generation-Z

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