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Building Younger Generations’ Competency in Digital Age Through Experiential Learning Programs for Higher Education
Christie Nugroho, Noerlina Noerlina

Last modified: 2022-06-12


This paper aims to study about the impact of  Merdeka Belajar — Kampus Merdeka for university students, a program held by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia to improve university students’ competencies with experiential learning, where students are not only improving in their hard skills according to their respective field of study, but also improving in their soft skills such as communication skills, collaborative and team working skills, cultural enrichment, social awareness, and so on, through various options of learning activities. Along with the advancement of technology, Merdeka Belajar – Kampus Merdeka's learning activities have undergone numerous developments, innovations, and changes to ensure that the learning activities deliver the expected results in light of current societal conditions. The research is done with systematic literature review, by concluding the results from prior research and writings. The existence of Merdeka Belajar — Kampus Merdeka for Indonesian university students has contributed in supporting various learning ways that can be chosen by students according to their interest and capabilities.


Education, Experiential Learning, Hard skills, Soft Skills

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