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Building A Readiness Model Of Environmentally Friendly Information Technology As Implementation Of Green Information Technology Concept
Wahyu Sardjono, Johan Johan, Achmad Cholidin

Last modified: 2022-06-14


Abstract. Environmentally friendly Information Technology is a sustainable approach to information technology and systems management with practical methodologies in designing and implementing environmentally friendly information technology implementation strategies in various business and government organizations and strategic tools in building the contribution of these technologies in supporting all organizational business activities and processes to become more effective and efficient. This includes effectively measuring sustainability, regarding the sustainable use and design of hardware and software, to promote efficiency and effectiveness in building a sustainable framework for the sustainability of information technology infrastructure. This study aims to build a model of Green information technology readiness. The research design is included in exploratory research, with a sample of 108 respondents and the sampling was done by non-probability convenience sampling. The results showed that there are important factors that can be modeled mathematically through factor analysis which identifies the representation of Safe and comfortable, Smart public service, Excellent information, and Easy health care factors as the main factors in developing an elderly friendly city model from the respondent's point of view.


green information technology, readiness model, factor analysis, sustainable development, environmentally friendly

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