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Developing Pion HydroFarm: A Hydroponic Garden and Minimarket Startup
Andi Pramono, Amanda Beatrice, Michael Hermawan Yuwono, Victor Runtuwene, Ida Bagus Ananta Wijaya

Last modified: 2022-06-06


As a form of efficiency from traditional farming systems, hydroponics is an urban farming system that does not use soil media. The current conditions in Indonesia and the narrowing of the Malang City area necessitate the use of hydroponics as a solution. Pion HidroFarm as a startup, assists urban farms in meeting food needs and becoming a destination for young farmers. The method employed in this paper is an experimental study carried out in the Malang district of East Java, Indonesia. The first method used before the experiment is secondary data in a literature study. The next step is to collect primary data by conducting surveys and interviews with several Malang City hydroponic farmers. The author took this step to gather detailed information on farmers' problems and market conditions for hydroponics. The investigation continued with basic hydroponic experiments based on primary and secondary data at various stages. The first stage involves investigating the hydroponics concept using simple materials such as waste oil gallons and palm oil, which we converted into hydroponic planting media. The research was continued in the second stage by purchasing four wick hydroponic systems growing media to validate the knowledge gained during the initial hydroponic learning stage. The third stage involved purchasing hydroponic production equipment in a 36-hole hydroponic starter kit. In the fourth phase, the author invested in hydroponic production equipment by purchasing a hydroponic "A" style with 180 planting holes as a hydroponic vegetable producer and market entry. The investigation was furthered by creating a minimarket design that aims to accommodate Pion HidroFarm production.


Agriculture; Hydroponics; Interior Design; Minimarket; and Startup

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