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Social Construct of Online Gender-Based Violence in Mainstream and Special Media in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Mungky Diana Sari, Vivien Sylvina, Ebnu Yufriadi, Widya Putri Pangestika

Last modified: 2022-06-11


Online gender-based violence is still in the spotlight in gender research and feminism in Indonesia. The reason is that reporting on this issue has not received more attention in the media. In addition, victims of cases of gender-based violence, including on online platforms, are often cornered in media coverage by the public due to the framing that is built. For this reason, this study wants to uncover how the social constructs carried out by mainstream mass media and special media about women write about this issue. How do these two different media segments frame online gender-based violence in their news content. The mass media selected in this study are and The theories used in this research are Social Construction, Postmodern Feminism, and Social Responsibility Theory. The method used is framing Robert N. Entman. The results show that is structured in building its narrative on the issue of violence against women, including online gender-based violence. Meanwhile, is a more specific medium in building the narrative using the story-telling method.


Social construction, social responsibility, postmodern feminism, framing, online gender-based violence

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